Volumetric Well Control Quiz

Volumetric Well Control Quiz

Volumetric and Lubricate & Bleed are special well control methods which will be used when the circulation is not possible. It is very important to understand the concept because without right knowledge, you may unintentionally bring more influx. This quiz will focus on Volumetric and Lubricate & Bleed and there are a total of 20 questions which cover both concept and calculations. Therefore you need to use a calculator to solve the problem. We wish you would enjoy doing the quiz and please feel free to leave any questions/comments.

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3 Responses to Volumetric Well Control Quiz

  1. berrouigat says:


  2. Sorry – your “right answer” is not correct.
    In case of a swabbed kick it is possible to kill the well. A swabbed kick situation does not need to increase the density of the mud to kill the well. In a swabbed kick situation the well is killed when the influx (gas) has been removed and replaced by mud. In this case the volumetric control method is a well kill method. Besides the Volumetric Method will not “allow gas to migrate to surface without breaking down formation” – in all cases – for example if the kick already is too large from the beginning.

    • Well Control Quiz Team says:


      For the swab kick, the volumetric is still the method to bring the kick to surface. Then the lubricate and bleed will be applied in order to kill the well. I agree with you if the kick is too big, non of well control methods can prevent broken well formation.

      You always need to lubricate and bleed to kill the well. Volumetric will not kill the well.


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