Basic Well Control Calculations Quiz

Basic Well Control Calculations

This interactive well control quiz contains 25 questions related to well control calculations. Additionally, this content is based on both IWCF and IADC well control. Each question contains 3 possible answers and there is full explanation for each one.

Please take your time and think carefully before checking each answer in order to maximize your learning.

Let’s get started.

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15 Responses to Basic Well Control Calculations Quiz

  1. Skipper Rollinson says:

    Have fun with this one!

  2. Mohamed Ali says:


  3. George Heckler says:

    Questions 6 and 7 have the wrong dimensions, it should be Bbls/stk not Bbls/ft.

  4. Raquele says:

    Why do you use TVD for volume calculation in question 5?

  5. sajjad says:

    please check the question no 13 the constant should be Maximum pressure = (Fracture gradient – Mud gradient) x 0.052 x Shoe TVD

    Maximum pressure = (0.71 – 0.598) x 0.052 x 7,000 = 784 psi .rong answer
    right answer is=40.768

  6. amjad says:

    link of (start quiz) is not work

  7. Donovan says:

    Hello, I have a question on #9
    the question gave information over 7″ casing, but it’s asking the pressure of the shoe at 9 5/8″ casing, so is the 7″ casing not cemented?



  8. Orkhan says:

    Question 19 what is the lull?

    • Well Control Quiz Team says:

      The position shows the position of the float opening. You will see that the increasing trend of drill pipe is slower that typical trend.

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