Well Control Method Quiz

Well Control Method

This interactive well control quiz contains a total of 25 questions related to well control method covered from the basic to some calculations. This content is based on both IWCF and IADC well control.  Each question contains 3 possible answers. What’s more, each question will have the full explanations. As a minimum, you will need a pen or pencil, paper, well control formula and calculator.

In order to maximize your learning, please take time to think carefully before selecting answers.

Let’s get started.

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9 Responses to Well Control Method Quiz

  1. Stan says:

    Overall very well done. Question 15 has a wrong answer, Question 22 not clear, Question 24 not clear. Keep up the good work

  2. Geologist Reebar says:

    Overall very nice well done and very good questions

  3. You need to check all of the English usage and spelling, as it requires several readings to understand the questions. It appears that this was written by a non-English speaker.

  4. Manuel Pérez says:

    Thanks for the Quiz.

  5. A.Ridpath says:

    I agree with George H. on the grammar of the questions making it a little hard to read through the first pass.
    All and all it was a fun test, adding more difficult questions would be nice.

  6. Marlon Lima says:

    Thanks. Very interesting… I liked the questions!

  7. Jihed HAMED says:

    i would like to evaluate my level

  8. Interessante, suas mensagens sobre oil & gas são bastantes instrutivas.

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