Basic Pressure and Its Calculation In Well Control Quiz

Basic Pressure and Its Calculation In Well Control

In this well control quiz,  there are a total of 25 questions related to basic pressure and its calculation in well control covered from the basic to some harder calculations. Additionally, this content is based on both IWCF and IADC well control.  Each question contains 3 possible answers and there are full explanations for more understanding. As a minimum, you will need a pen or pencil, paper, well control formula and calculator.

Please take your time and think carefully before checking each answer in order to maximize your learning.

Let’s get started.

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24 Responses to Basic Pressure and Its Calculation In Well Control Quiz

  1. usama says:

    There is something wrong in here I marked the right answer but program take it as incorrect while showing the wrong answer as correct one.

    • Well Control Quiz Team says:


      Please let me know which questions have this issue. I will fix it.


      • deni mulya says:

        dear Shyne,

        The error question is number 18. and also check the answer n0. 21.

        deni m

      • Dave says:

        Yes, I found the same – on question 18 of 25

        18. Question = The well is planned to TD at 9,500′MD/9,000′TVD. Expected formation pressure at TD is 4,500 psi. Plan to have over balance 300 psi over formation pressure. How much mud weight in ppg should be?
        9.7 ppg
        10.3 ppg (answer selected)
        11.0 ppg

        System responded – Incorrect
        Desired hydrostatic pressure at the bottom = 4500 +300 = 4800 psi
        Equivalent Mud Weight = 4,800÷0.052÷9,000 = 10.3 ppg
        Ref: Convert Pressure into Equivalent Mud Weight

  2. deni mulya says:

    Hy Shyne,

    I agree with Usama, there is something error at this Quiz Program, I marked the right answer, but the program take it is incorrect (Question 18).
    And please check the answer no 21.

    Great Quiz Program Actually.. 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Deni M

  3. Aftab Khalid says:

    kindly review question number 18 & 21. The Answers are not right.

  4. Rick Nelson says:

    Number 18 is incorrect. The explanation and the answer shown there is correct, however the answer shown in the selections is incorrect.

  5. George Heckler says:

    Comment on question 25. Although the question and the answer are correct as stated in the quiz, in reality the mud is usually only gas cut at the flow line and will not be gas cut once it reaches its solution gas pressure or bubble point of the system. This is a complex physical calculation not usually available to field personnel and involves the knowledge of the solubility of hydrocarbon gases in water/oil drilling fluids. This condition is more dramatic in oil base fluids and can and does lead to the double kick (inital and bubble point) condition observed with these fluids. Craveat: If in doubt do a flow check, etc.

    • Well Control Quiz Team says:


      Thanks for your comment. In this question, we would like people to simply understand of the gas cut mud in a very basic concept. Therefore, people can apply well control concept on this question.


  6. Morteza says:

    Many thanks

  7. EMARA says:


  8. fahmi lafi says:

    HI; Regarding Q 11 ( IT SHOULD BE SIDPP NOT SICP )

  9. Ibrahim Mohamed Hamid says:

    Good Web site

  10. Mian Muhammad Tahir says:

    Sir ,
    Shyne Hi,
    This website is very good and through these questions revision of IWCF Exm has been made . I Suggest that more questions include in it where as in your book have all these questions but this’s the v.simple and easy way.
    Sir are you have a easy solution to solve the NEW kill sheets
    Regards and thanks.

  11. yasser says:


  12. Sita Hackshaw says:

    I am trying to get the quiz started but it is not coming up

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