Basic Concept of Well Control Quiz

Basic Concept of Well Control

This topic contains 25 questions related to basic concept of well control. Additionally, this content is based on both IWCF and IADC well control.  Each question contains 3 possible answers. Learners can go to the list and select another question and each question will have the full explanations.

In order to maximize your learning, you need to carefully think through before selecting answer and in some questions, you must use a calculator to figure out the answer.

Let’s get started.

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  1. Filiragroup says:

    First time user did ok

  2. mohamed hegazy says:

    I want the well control spread sheet please.and every thing about well control

  3. mohamed hegazy says:

    I wante the well control spread sheet

  4. wang xitong says:

    I want the well control spread sheet

  5. Stan says:

    Question 4 answer 1 is a little strange. Overall it is good but i would suggest rewording some of the questions. Have a native english speaker edit the tests.

  6. Linda says:

    Not able to start quiz. Why? Thanks.

  7. taha says:

    please i want well intervention exame

  8. Manuel Monteiro says:

    First time was hard, just need you read the question with carefully then try with logical understanding then give your right answer. Thanks for the quiz, really appreciated..!

  9. Amalendu Debroy says:

    Some of the Quizzes are not working.

  10. Afiqah says:

    I’ve been trying to load the quiz numerous times but to no avail. Can someone assist please? Thank you.

    • Well Control Quiz Team says:

      You may need to try to refresh your internet browser. Sometimes, slow internet connection will not load the quiz.

  11. AINUL says:

    about well control

  12. berrouigat says:

    Can you update the quiz and add the newest questions that we meet in exams ?!

  13. Ibrahim Mohamed Hamid says:

    Thanks for the valuable website

  14. mohammed says:

    did i can work as AD
    i work now as safety traner

  15. faouzi says:

    I want to pass the well control quiz

  16. Ahmed Ibrahim says:


  17. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    Thanks alot

  18. Ahmed Ibrahim says:


  19. Andy Lynch says:

    Good website prior to do well control exam

  20. Anjan Chetia says:

    its ok

  21. charifi says:

    The first thank you very much for this site and its information , i’m drilling supervisor in sonatrach company in algeria . i have used your site and information in my work every day

  22. Debasish says:

    If I click on “Start Quiz” it is not opening the quiz. where is the problem? I have refreshed the page many time but it is same.

  23. Mohamed Ezzat says:

    Greeting WCQ Team,
    Very useful and valuable site.

    Please, can you add me for any update.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohamed Ezzat

  24. Spencer Manley says:

    I Love this stuff

  25. Dendougui Salim says:

    Very good practice

  26. Luis Moran says:

    It is excellent, very good practice.

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