Components of Cameron Type “U” BOP Quiz

Component of Cameron Type U BOP

Cameron Type “U” BOP is one of the most popular BOP’s used in drilling industry.

We have a great question which you can use this one to test yourself about the BOP component.

Please identify the components of Cameron Type “U” BOP according to numbers

Let’s get started.

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14 Responses to Components of Cameron Type “U” BOP Quiz

  1. Mohamed Ali says:

    Thank you for refreshing our well control skills.

  2. Ramiro Rivera C says:

    With click in “Components of Cameron Type “U” BOP” link, the quiz not start. None in “Start quiz”, too.
    What hapend?

  3. Rich DeBuys says:

    Easy. Would help with better art, perhaps zoomable by the user.

  4. Karim Boushaba says:

    Very good quiz.

  5. Joselito Panis says:


  6. Mohammed Ramsheer says:

    It was awesome!!!!

  7. carlos says:

    It was awesome!!!!

  8. abdo says:

    I want to improve me by new information about drilling

  9. Reza says:

    thank you. it is a usful way to remind this information

  10. Patrick says:

    I need to improve in well control please send more test and questions thanks

  11. Richard says:

    Where can you learn about the BOP before you attempt the quiz?

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