Closing Units – Surface Installations Quiz

BOP Closing Unit

BOP closing unit is one of the well control equipment and it is very critical for the operation because it provides power to operate all the BOP rams. Personnel need to fully understand its functions, how to maintain and test it.  Therefore, this quiz will focus on the closing unit of surface installations. There are a total of 20 questions in this quiz which will help you learn and refresh your knowledge about this topic. Please feel free to drop and comments or questions in this post and we will answers your questions as much as we can. Enjoy the test.


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3 Responses to Closing Units – Surface Installations Quiz

  1. suresh pookkat says:

    iam not a person related to off shore or on shore drilling , iam a hydraulic technician , i just tried using my knowledge in hydraulics…hope i have done good…

  2. Ali K. Darwesh Kamal says:

    My answer was based on general background only

  3. Emeka Enemanna says:

    Very refresher quiz but if you can make the questions clearer and easy to understand what exactly is being asked eg question 11 was very confusing, that will be very helpful. Thanks

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