Component of Hydril GL Annular BOP Quiz

Component of Hydril GL Annular BOP Quiz

Annular preventer is one of the most critical well control equipment on the rig; therefore, it is very important that personnel in drilling operation should understand about it and know its components. This quiz is based on Hydril GL Annular BOP  which is commonly used on the rigs around the world. In this quiz, there are a total of 9 questions and each question points to a specific component. You need to select the right answer from three choices. Each question has answer which will help you learn if you select the incorrect answer and you will see your final score at the end of the quiz.

We wish you would enjoy doing the Hydril GL Annular BOP  Component quiz.


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12 Responses to Component of Hydril GL Annular BOP Quiz

  1. Mohammed Ramsheer says:


  2. marco says:

    good system to refresh my memory about BOP

  3. Stan Herring says:

    #7 – is actually the PISTON – not piston chamber as you have noted

  4. Fidelis N. Anorue says:

    Interesting Quiz

  5. John Tobin says:

    I took this quiz just to see if I had any idea of the mechanical equipment used in the drilling process. I primarily monitor the Mud condition and do not get involved in the equipment or actual drilling process.

  6. Mahmoud Hassan says:

    Very simple and easy

  7. Ramiro says:

    Very interesting questionary

  8. Ian says:

    quiz wont open

  9. Tommy Hayes says:

    I actually used to work at Hydril testing these units almost 20 years ago. I was surprised that I actually remembered all of the component of the BOP. Thanks for the quiz, it brought back some great memories.

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