Rig Components

Rig Components

These simple 16 quizzes about the rig components. This would be advantageous for students and new people joining the industry.


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well control in one page
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10 Responses to Rig Components

  1. Zsolt says:

    Clown Block? Really? 🙂

  2. khalil says:


  3. diego camelo says:


  4. diego camelo says:

    es bueno practicar con esas tecnicas asi es mas sencillo

  5. Moh'd Ali says:

    Thank you for the quiz but the drawing should be more clear

  6. Aron Walter says:

    That Clown Block is a new one for sure…

  7. Marcos Costa says:

    Good Quiz! I’m Driller but on The SS

  8. Marcos Costa says:

    Good Quiz!

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